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Bs Simone

provides automation solutions for industrial applications. Industrial automation solutions are customer specific and are dedicated to the tasks of increasing productivity, reducing assembly and testing times, providing repeatable and controlled assembly processes, ensuring quality control, improving operator safety and reducing cost.

Automated Assembly Machines

Automated assembly machines are custom designed and fabricated to produce high quality low cost sub-assemblies for subsequent final assembly or completed finished products. Each machine is custom built according to parts and process needs. Automated assembly machines, as part of a whole automation solution, can be stand-alone or integrated into a work cell or production line.

Automated Test Equipment

Automated test equipment provides the ability to ensure the reliability and integrity of your product's function. Prodesign automated test fixtures can be integrated into production lines to allow for corrections during assembly or after final assembly to guarantee error-proof products. Examples of our capabilities include functional testing, attribute testing, leak testing, and vision inspection.

Automated Test Equipment

Turnkey Automation Equipment

Turnkey Automation Equipment

Bs Simone Co.,Ltd. provides Turnkey Automation equipment. These Turnkey Automation solutions can be applied to your custom assembly or test machine requirements. This capability provides you a fully functional machine.

Automated Assembly Lines

Automated assembly lines are custom designed for each product. These are often flexible automated assembly lines. Each line can contain a number of smaller automated assembly cells and/or a multitude of automated assembly machines. Automated assembly lines vary in the amount of human interaction. Some automated assembly lines have a large amount of human interaction. While others have little to no human interaction. Such cases are often dependant on the product or the demands of the customer.

Bs Simone

Has many and diverse capabilities to support your manufacturing needs.We currently have a mix of precision engineering service in term of design,contract, turnkey factory automation and precision machining supply work.This allows us to be stable and not tied to any particular industries ups and downs. It also allows us the diversity to supportour customer's needs.

Established : Year 2003   |   Start worked Year : 2002 ,

Quality Policy

We strive to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction through delivering to our Customers the right product at the right price and the right time. We will:

    -.Understand and deliver to our customer’s requirements. Improve our Quality Management System continuously to reduce process cost and time to achieve cost competitiveness and improve delivery lead time.

      Develop quality objectives that commensurate with the quality policy and key business processes.

        -The development and implementation of this policy is a commitment of the management, and a shared responsibility with all our employees.

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